The Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum

e4i is a Sustainable and Responsible Investment Forum taking place in London on 21st September. The conference will showcase a variety of quoted and unquoted companies looking to present their ESG and sustainability credentials and connect with a variety of responsibly focused investors. e4i acts as a platform for connecting investors with investees in the ESG arena through content on best practices in Sustainability and Investor Relations, 1-2-1 meetings and presentations by companies showcasing their operations and projects directly to investors.

Experience a full day of 1-2-1 meetings, company presentations and investor-led panel discussions. Join business leaders, entrepreneurs, IROs, mutuals and co-operatives seeking to put ESG on the map, explore the latest developments in the industry and much more. Meet with top investors through a dedicated 1-2-1 meeting system, promoting your company and its ESG story.


Listen to top company's promote their ESG development plans from a variety of different industries and showcasing sustainability leadership.

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Meet with top C-level executives within the sustainable and responsible universe, brought together for your convenience in London.

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